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"Extra Security Protection For Firefox"

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NoScript is a very powerful add-on for Firefox that adds extra protection by disabling Javascript on certain sites. By default it partially blocks all sites except on the default whitelist. It's pretty simple to use but can be time consuming and will slow down your surfing. If you wish for a site to be fully allowed or disabled just right click on the add-on and choose your preference. This should be used with caution and most of the time the default is fine for most and only add sites you use that need full javascript access to function.

The downsides are the fact it is time consuming to set up for maximum protection. It will slow down you surfing. Certain sites will not work unless they have full access and every time you install NoScript you have to do all the customization all over again.

All in all I don't recommend NoScript for most. Most will get annoyed with how slow it make Firefox and how much effort it takes to make their favorite sites work the way they want it while blocking everything else.

  • Adds Extra Protection
  • Simple Click and Choose Options
  • Free
  • Will Slow Down Surfing
  • Can Cause Users To Become Paranoid
  • A Lot Of Users Will Get Annoyed By The Time It Takes To Customize It

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01 Aug 2010

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